• Indian Samosa

    A pyramid shaped delight filled with the perfect combination of potatoes, peas and a unique blend of masalas and spices.

  • Pinni

    A popular regional sweet originating from the Indian State of Punjab, Pinni are made up of urad dal, flours and sugar syrup.

  • Boondi Laddoo

    One of the most popular and ubiquitous sweets of South Asia, and undoubtedly one of the tastiest and most irresistible.

Usha Foods, Usha Sweets & Usha Snacks is fully owned, operated and managed by Mr. Anil Mathur & Mrs. Indira Mathur, who both continuously strive with the utmost diligence, commitment and heartfelt enthusiasm to provide the entire community with authentic high quality South Asian sweets, snacks, and full course meals. It was word of mouth that grew Usha Foods Inc. manifold over the last 11 years, until we became what we are today: an establishment synonymous with taste, quality and consistently great service. Today, Usha Foods is well established as a leading brand of a wide variety of sweets, snacks, fast food, and a comprehensive range of catering and shipping services all throughout the United States.

Usha Foods is proud to say that all our products are made using the finest ingredients. All sweets are made using pure ghee (butter) and pure mava (khoya), which gives our sweets a rich and flavorful taste. Furthermore, since all Usha Foods products are made on premises, we can insure complete quality control for each and every one of our many items.

Since Usha Foods provides alarge assortment of in store, shipping & catering services, ideal for a wide variety of occasions, we are confident we can meet each and every one of your needs. We invite you to come and visit, and to experience our wide variety of culinary products and services, as we greatly and wholeheartedly look forward to meeting and serving you!